Holiday Lights and Home Protection

We are approaching the holiday season, and hanging lights on your home can be a festive way to decorate and share holiday cheer. If you have made the wise decision to protect your home with ONE Gutter GuardTM products, you can still hang lights from your gutters and have the peace of mind knowing that this holiday will not be ruined by clogged gutter emergencies.


Here are step-by-step instructions for safely and securely hanging Christmas lights on gutters protected by ONE Gutter GuardTM:


Materials Needed:

  • Exterior holiday lights
  • Christmas ornament hooks, gutter clips, or gutter hooks
  • Extension cords (if needed)
  • Zip ties (optional, for extra security)


Step 1: Safety First

Before you begin, make sure you follow safety guidelines for working at heights [link to Preventing Ladder Falls blog here]. Use a sturdy ladder, wear appropriate footwear, and have someone spot you if possible. Plug each light string into an outlet and ensure they are in good working condition with no damaged wires or bulbs.


Step 2: Measure and Plan

Determine the length of the house you want to decorate and the portion that will require attaching lights to your gutter guards. Measure the length of your lights and make sure you have enough lights to cover the area. Plan where you want to start and end the light display.


Step 3: Attach Gutter Clips or Hooks

To attach the lights to a ONE Gutter GuardTM system, we recommend using wire Christmas ornament hangers and inserting them every 24 inches into the mesh. Start at one end of your chosen area and attach the clips or hooks to the gutter guard, spacing them evenly. Follow any manufacturer instructions provided with the gutter clips or hooks.


Step 4: String the Lights

a. Begin at the end where you attached the clips or hooks. Plug the lights into an extension cord if needed.

b. Carefully thread the Christmas lights through the clips or hooks, ensuring that they are securely held in place. Make sure the lights are evenly distributed along the gutter guards.


Step 5: Secure the Lights

If you want extra security or if your gutter guards are windy or exposed to harsh weather conditions, consider using zip ties to secure the lights to the gutter clips or hooks. This will prevent them from coming loose.


Step 6: Test the Lights

Before finishing your installation, plug in the lights to make sure they are still working correctly. Replace any bulbs that are burnt out and check for any loose connections.


Step 7: Turn On the Lights

Once you've confirmed that all the lights are working, set a timer or turn them on as desired to create a festive holiday display.


Step 8: Maintenance

Periodically check the lights throughout the holiday season to ensure they are working and securely attached. In case of any issues, address them promptly.


Step 9: Removal

When the holiday season is over, carefully remove the lights from the gutter clips or hooks. Store them properly to prevent damage and ensure they are ready for the next holiday season.


By following these steps, you can safely and effectively hang exterior holiday lights on gutter guards, creating a beautiful and festive display for your home. Happy Holidays from all of us at ONE Gutter GuardTM!

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